For clinical use:    MeDiCa specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of complete test kits and their individual components for in vitro diagnostics using indirect immuno-florescence (IIF). The specific auto-antibodies detected in human sera are:


     anti-nuclear (ANA)                                                  anti-nDNA (A-nDNA-A)
     anti-mitochondrial (AMA)                                        anti-smooth muscle (ASMA)
     anti-parietal cell (APCA)                                         anti-skin (ASA)
     anti-endomysial (AEmA)                                        
anti-thyroid (ATA)


For research use:    MeDiCa also produces slides, kits and components for research use to detect the following antibodies:

     anti-skeletal muscle (ASkMA)                                 
     anti cardiac (ACA)                                                   
     anti-glomerular basement membrane (AGBMA)
     anti-pancreatic islet cell (APICA)
     anti-adrenal (AAdA)
     anti-brain (various)

A variety of custom slides can be made to customers' specifications.

All test kit components, as well as the slides with custom substrates, may be ordered separately. Our slides contain cryostat-cut sections of up to four different tissues or cell mono-layers in individual wells surrounded by a highly hydrophobic mask.